When your recipe calls for Rum
When your recipe calls for Port
When your recipe calls for Marsala
When your recipe calls for Sherry
When your recipe calls for Brandy

Cook with sass with our fun range of culinary alcohols to spruce up virtually any dish. Be it sweet or savoury, cook up a storm with our five perfectly portioned spirits and fortified wines, adding delicious flavours, colours and textures to your food.

Just A Splash Brandy, Port, Rum, Sherry and Marsala are the only ones of their kind, as they come in very handy recipe-sized 100ml pouring pouches which means no more fussing with unnecessarily expensive large bottles of booze that take up cupboard space and ultimately never get used.

Just A Splash are small and easy to store, greatly reduce waste and are as cheap and cheery as a packet of parsley!



Search our recipes for inspiration. Transform your homemade sauces, roasts, bakes, puddings and more into restaurant quality dishes with our ‘wow factor’ boozy flavours. From classic retro dishes like creamy chicken marsala and sherry trifle, to being adventurous with your own exciting ideas.



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