Our Story

Cotswolds-based founder, Pia Varma, grew up in a family of curious foodies and has always loved experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and ingredients. One evening, whilst recreating Gordon Ramsey's cranberry sauce, she realised she needed a dash of Port. Knowing she wouldn’t need the Port for anything else, she wasn’t keen to spend £15 on a full bottle. Having searched unsuccessfully in supermarkets, convenience stores and off licenses for a small quantity to cook with, she spotted a gap in the market and the idea for Just A Splash was born.

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or an avid foodie, acquiring a store cupboard full of exciting ingredients is expensive and space-consuming. With this in mind Pia has ensured her pouches of Just A Splash cooking alcohols are convenient, affordable and easy to store, whilst packing big flavour punches that work for all sorts of sweet or savoury dishes.

And she’s getting it spot on! Just A Splash has single-handedly carved out an entirely new category in the food industry and also won a World Food Innovation award for ‘Best Ingredient Innovation’ before the product even launched. Additionally, several well-known TV chefs have all given the products a whopping thumbs up! Now, Pia is head down in Just A Splash innovation hub, aka, the kitchen counter, planning exciting new product ideas, including boozy reduction sauces and glazes.

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