Brandy, Port, Marsala, Rum and Sherry

Each of the five flavours in the Just A Splash range has been lovingly blended with light seasoning to enhance the flavours of all your favourite sweet and savoury dishes - from Port and rosemary jus to strawberries drenched in sherry cream.
Our pouches have been formulated to contain a slightly lower ABV (alcohol by volume), which greatly benefits the cooking process as this allows the natural flavours of the food to come through, without being overpowered by the taste of the alcohol. Afterall, a classic steak au poivre should be peppery with depth of brandy, not boozy with a sprinkle of pepper.

Just A Splash is ideal for adding richness and depth of flavour to sauces, casseroles and stews; yet it is also perfect for adding velvetiness and decadence to baked goodies and sweet treats. The pouches have screw-top lids and are re-usable so there is no waste if you need less than 100ml. And they stay fresh for months, even after being opened.
What’s your favourite?